The New Invasion of China has Already Begun

It was a déjà vu moment last week when the G7 Foreign Ministers met in London. The group photo of the G7 Foreign Ministers (below) reminded so much of the Title photo taken in 1900.

A Tribute on Mothers’ Day 2021

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Gone forever from my life now are

Some Special Mothers who loved me most;

Granny, Grandma (father’s side), Mother and wife Rosie.

My life wandered, lingering on alone

In a world still mourning the loss

Of her greatest human treasures.

Grandma became bedridden after a fall,

Died in her sleep next to my bed at 90 years old;

Mother left next, a year after surviving stroke;

Rosie fought for 2 years against the cancer scourge,

And became a cancer survivor

Before the good Lord took her to rest with Him.

I remember the springtime Granny passed;

It was a beautiful…

Driving the Forces of Love, Charity and Hope


Pay Kindness Forward is celebrating an anniversary with a Gift for all.

It has been a year today. Where there is kindness, moments are timeless. This 1st anniversary was powered by the kindness of so many Kindness Ambassadors to arrive at warp-speed, and will continue on just fast if not faster.

Through various projects and events, we have partnered to embolden and empower many people to be the change they, we, want to see; and to be the catalyst to achieve the United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Kindness Movement PayKindnessForward (PKF) — was launched on…

A Reflective Memoriam

Image by MayaQ from Pixabay

Father passed on from this life today in 2017. Death consumed him quietly after a full dinner as he rested; shutting down his lungs, his breathing ceased and finally his heart stopped. At a full life of 90-years old, Father was ready; and has been ready for quite a while since Mother succumbed to her stroke which paralysed her for over a year some 17 years before. Their blissful life was survived by 6 children, 6 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren! What a blessed life indeed!

Death is personal and customised for each one of us. It accompanies us like a…

Armenian Genocide — The Inconvenient Truth

AP Photo by Damian Dovarganes

The decision was made around March/April 1915 to exterminate Armenians in Turkey. The Armenian Genocide was the systematic mass murder and ethnic cleansing of around one million ethnic Armenians from Anatolia (Asia Minor) and adjoining regions by the Ottoman Empire and its ruling party, the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), during World War I.

Children Burnt Alive

Below, the children with carefree and innocent eyes are the Armenian girls of the Mush orphanage with their Teacher Margaret.

History and International Law are Not on the Japanese Side

Photo by

In a clear and unambiguous demonstration of her “adherence to the international rules-based order”, China has released a scientific report on the topography and geography of the Diaoyu Islands to reaffirm her sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands with facts, openness and transparency. The Diaoyu Islands (called “Senkaku” by the Japanese) consist of 8 islands over a total land/sea area of less than 8 sq km.

China and Taiwan, which also belongs to China, are in unusual agreement that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

Taiwan on 12 June 1971 declared that “the islets are affiliated with the Province of Taiwan…

A Serendipity Moment

Across different worlds, we were often mistaken for one another in social media. It came finally time to meet. I approached the meeting without any expectations. It is strange to meet myself, yet he is not quite me. I wonder what he would be like; his hobbies, career, family and his values and worldviews. His numerous publications have already provided perspectives of his thoughts on different topics.

We met. We look so different, like the twins we are not. We were both enthusiastic. The meeting was simply ecstatic. It started as a lunch and lasted for nearly 6 hours. We…

Our Only Choice is To Stop It or Perish


The Japanese Plan to Poison The World by dumping radioactive wastewater from its now-defunct Fukushima Nuclear Plant into the Pacific Ocean is an irresponsible and callous act of arrogance and recklessness. If she insisted on proceeding with her plan to poison the world, Japan risks being isolated by the entire world; her people barred from entering countries, her need for oil denied, her goods banned and her companies sanctioned. Japan’s survival is irrelevant and immaterial to the rest of the world as she places her interests above the health and safety of our loved ones. The better and safer alternative…

Here’s The Alternative Mt Fuji Solution to Stop the Insane Idea

Photo by

It is the audacity of arrogance. Japan has unilaterally announced that it plans to release more than a million tonnes of radioactive waste water from its now defunct Fukushima nuclear power plant, beginning in 2 years and expects to take at least 40 years.

Many can remember the 2011 earthquake and tsunami which devastated more than 800 km of coastline, leaving nearly 16,000 dead, almost 3,000 missing and 500,000 homeless in March 2011. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, operated by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), was badly hit and sustained explosions and meltdowns that released an inordinate amount of…

Our Future History of Electric Mobility

Image by Giraffew from Pixabay

Modern cities by definition and design are not sustainable due mainly to their reliance on fossil fuel that results in unacceptable levels of carbon emission, negative impact on human health as well as over-consumption of other non-renewable resources. Future generations will bear the increasingly burdensome costs of their maintenance and expansion.

In 2035, Singapore becomes the first country in the world to have nearly 100% electric vehicles (EVs) on the road.

From 2034, only EVs are allowed to be imported and sold in Singapore. Unlike other countries, Singapore deploys a nation-wide EV-charging network powered completely by natural renewable energy, mostly solar power and some urban wind energy, which make it truly sustainable. …

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