PDPA Compliance by HR Professionals

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The Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) lays out a framework regarding personal data protection for private organisations. It recognises the individual rights to protect and prevent their personal data from misuse by governing the collection, usage, disclosure and protection of personal data. With the vast amount of personal data that organisations possess and collect daily, it is important that organisations comply with the PDPA.

There are 10 obligations imposed by the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) that has to be adhered to by organisations:

This is What I Informed my Employees

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PDPA Notice to Employees

The Company must meet its contractual, statutory and administrative obligations. We are committed to ensuring that the personal data of our employees is handled in accordance with the 10 principles set out in the PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) and the PDPC (Personal Data Protection Council) Guide to Data Protection.

Time paused so This Day Will Never Pass

Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay

Birds above flew away,

Empty blue skies reigned,

Nature resigned in silence,

As the heavens wept

The day you left

For the future past.

Why did you have to go?

What can make you stay?

We have so much to live for,

Many words not yet said,

So many things yet to do.

Tears flow down my face

Joining the rain

Making a river to the past.

Time paused

So this day will not pass;

Holds still memories of yesterdays

Bringing joyful moments of happy days

Reminding our endless days of joy.

Will they ever come again?

Time stood still

The Silence from Her Absence was Deafening

Photo by www.usnews.com

The Group of 7 (G7) leaders ended their meeting without any tangible results in Cornwall, on the southwest coast of England, on Sunday 13 Jun 2021. Apparently ignoring the purported technological threat from China, the 2021 G7 Summit met under the shadow and covid-19 protection of China, beginning with this Self-Test (Antigen) kit (see picture):

A Win-Win Business and Human Strategy

Illustration by World@Work

A holistic rewards system is needed to better attract, motivate and empower talent in the Covid-19 era of uncertainty and turbulent change. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) defines total rewards as “a system implemented by a business that provides monetary, beneficial and developmental rewards to employees who achieve specific business goals”. The total rewards strategy combines compensation and benefits with personal growth opportunities within the culture of a motivated, high-performance work environment.

An Exceptional Entrepreneurship Story

Image by SNCR GROUP from Pixabay

[Published on October 16, 2017]


I first met Tah-Nan (not his real name) some time ago; a young Singaporean of mixed ethnic origins. I had spotted him in some of my lectures but could not recall seeing him in any tutorial class. A couple of years later, at the end of an MBA session where he had participated actively, he approached me. Tall with black bushy hair and a perennial smile on his face, he communicates firmly and inspires his listeners easily to persuasion. He said he was interested in my watch and asked to have a closer look. He…

Election Cheating is For Losers

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The jury is still out, even as a Joint Session of Congress on 7 January 2021 had constitutionally certified the Electoral College votes cast in November 2020 US Presidential Elections. Mounting evidence continues to unfold and unpack, pointing to credible reasonable doubt regarding the integrity of the 2020 US Presidential Elections. Congressional certification had proceeded before the numerous discrepancies of voting practices and fraudulent ballot claims were resolved by the Supreme Court. However, 147 Republican politicians had voted to reject the 2020 Presidential Elections results.

The latest case in Georgia’s Fulton County illustrates vividly the cloud of uncertainty over-shadowing the…

Here’s How I Freed Myself in 3 Steps and Be Happy

Photo by Arjohn Janroe Queral on Unsplash

Stay@Home is not easy. It’s like all dressed up with no party or anywhere to go. Home becomes an invisible cage; many are imprisoned by the restrictions of social distancing, masking, closed cafes and restaurants, crowd restrictions and limited air-travel. Of course, one can always explore the countryside and city via sight-seeing on double-decker buses and mass transit trains.

Stuck at home over the past 18 months, and running out of things to do, can take its toll on mental health as dreams faded with boredom. Depression sets in, followed quickly by greater unhappiness and heightened self-dissatisfaction.

Fading dreams, and…

From People Management to Human Management

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Human Resource Management (HRM) is forever a work in progress. Traditionally, HRM focuses on employees in management support functions involving staffing, on-boarding, train and development, pay and benefits, and performance management. Increasingly, we are called upon to focus our talent and capability on the wider organisation to influence at the enterprise level, as senior management recognises people to be that definitive decisive technology that underpins the enduring competitive advantage of companies.

The construct of workers as a mere factor of production has evolved from a resource to an asset to human capital into the active creative force in the corporate…

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