Celebrating The End of My Life

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

Tomorrow is promised to no one;

I have lived a full life

Better than most people

Longer than a majority of my cohort

More fortunate than many

Blessed beyond expectations

With deep gratitude for undeserved Grace;

I have not occupied space and wasted oxygen.

In a life of blessings and achievements;

My dreams were not my master,

Nor my thoughts ever my goals.

Met often the triumphs and disasters twins,

Both imposters never to be trusted.

And many liars and toxic friends,

Twisting my truths, dealing in lies.

Doubted by friends and foes alike,

Often misunderstood and hated,

I try…

The End of What Did Not Begin

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What began has already waned,

It was the end of the beginning.

The end came in the morning

With neither a word nor woke,

In a whisper without a whimper,

As birds above soared with the empty wind

Enjoining his sadness in the silent breeze;

It’s time to collect the broken pieces

And begin the lonesome journey home.

Memories of yesteryears flashed

Of her darkest moments of need;

He was there to meet her call,

Bringing food, comfort, and care.

Providing her with funds and all

She became a beautiful butterfly,

He saw her bloom and blossom,

And then she…

The 6 Characteristics of Racial Harmony Space

Photo by Corey Sta Maria for Channel News Asia (CNA)

Building a multicultural and multiracial Singapore from our beginning in 1965 has not been easy. The British had divided us by racial categories as her colony, consistent with her divide-and-rule policy throughout the British Empire. Our challenge of nationhood and the key to victory against racism is by empowering racial tolerance, respect for diversity, integrity, social justice, and equality.

The 1963 marriage with Malaysia was never consummated. The constant acrimonious foreplay over the conflicting visions of a meritocratic, multicultural “Malaysian Malaysia” vs a Malay-dominant, racist, ethnic supremacist “Malay Malaysia” marred 2 years of love-hate, bittersweet honeymoon. …

Truths Regarding Race and Racism

Photo by Subinkrishna Gopi on flickr

Myth (1) — Racial Harmony is Broken

An incident that went viral on social media 5 years ago where a Chinese boy said that he did not want to sit beside Malays in a cinema was quoted by a major local newspaper as an example of worsening or broken racial harmony in Singapore. Yet, the contrary evidence is that of 3 million daily trips by people of different races on public transports and trains sitting with each other. They also share tables at numerous food centres where sittings are not segregated and food catering to different cultural, religious and preferred diets are sold.

Another example that also…

Only Truth can Free Canada, USA and the Catholic Church

Image by Reliable Squid from Pixabay

As birds chirp noisily in the trees,

Silence shrouds the old school building,

The church towers ominously,

Its steeple cutting into the sky,

Empty bench bears witness to its history;

She can feel the loud silence,

See flashing memories of pain and bane,

Hear screams, cries and sobs;

In the silence, sadness, sorrow and horror.

Her eyes filled with tears of past destiny

As she beholds her childhood destroyed.

There are 5 million documents testifying the truth of the Canadian Genocide amassed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). They constitute just a tiny part of the mountain of evidence.

Across the Timeless Moment

Image by Pavlofox from Pixabay

In the wintry seasons of many summers,

We battle along life pathways for a reason.

Alone we walk their passage long and far,

Bearing the void you left when you passed.

I miss you so much these past years,

Much, much more did daddy on his part,

As he reaches beyond his grasp,

Gasping at times for a grab,

Among life unforgiving falls and gaps.

Growing up without you is no picnic out;

In school, I strive to do you proud,

At home, as I do homework by myself,

I wonder how life would be with yourself.

“Be strong, my…

Growing Lean and Growing Big

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The most effective organisation is the empowered lean business corporation. No business success is based solely on technology. Quality people make products/services distinctive through superior quality and total customer satisfaction. And it is their commitment, determination and resourcefulness which drive the business organisation to achieve excellence and advances in technology and systems for a sustainable excellence in the marketplace.

As Singapore continues to engage the decline of the local labour force by augmenting it with a sustainable level of low-skilled foreign manpower, she needs to be more innovative and learn how to grow its economy by doing more with less…

Enter Lambda, From Nowhere to Somewhere

Photo from www.thesmartlocal.com

2020 was a lost year for Covid-19 Origins hunters. The latest evidence reported on 5 July 2021 concludes that Covid-19 has evolved naturally. It further dismissed categorically that there was any scientifically validated evidence to support the theory that the coronavirus leaked from a laboratory in China.

The Letter in the prestigious and authoritative Lancet Journal was published by 24 physicians, veterinarians, epidemiologists, virologists, biologists, ecologists and public health experts from around the world. They wrote that:

“We believe the strongest clue from new, credible, and peer-reviewed evidence in the scientific literature is that the virus evolved in nature, while…

Lamentations of American Genocide Children

Photo by Chris Parfitt in Creative Commons

Native American children were forcibly abducted from their homes and put into US Government-funded and Christian-run boarding schools from the mid 1800’s into the 1950’s. The US Government policy was designed to “civilise” indigenous Indians and to stamp out Native cultures in a deliberate policy of ethnocide and cultural genocide.

In 1869, the US Congress established the Board of Indian Commissioners (BIC), the forerunner of the current Board of Indian Affairs (BIA), which includes the federal boarding school policy. …

SEQUEL — The Children Have to Die, Why? — short videos

Photo by The Guardian Newspaper

SYNOPSIS — Genocide in Canada

For over 200 years, more than 150,000 Indigenous children in Canada were taken from their families to attend state-funded Christian boarding schools in a genocidal effort to forcibly assimilate them into Canadian society.

They were given new names, forcibly converted to Christianity and prohibited from speaking their native languages. Thousands died of disease, neglect and suicide; many were never returned to their families.

Nearly 70% of the 130 residential schools were run by Roman Catholic missionary congregations, with others operated by the Presbyterian, Anglican and the United Church of Canada, which is today the largest Protestant denomination in the country…

Dr Michael Heng

Explorer, Discoverer, Helper, Enabler and Humanitarian through writing, ventures and enterprise.

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