Become an Entrepreneur in 6 Steps

Dr Michael Heng
8 min readApr 24, 2020

Entrepreneurship attracts the exceptional human talent because it promises great satisfaction from the tremendous opportunities to make significant personal impact through reality-learning. Often, the lessons from the inevitable failures during the entrepreneurial journey produce a profound sense of ownership that fuses vision and commitment to produce the ultimate superior performance that exceeds initial expectations. Systematic coaching and mentoring experiences with passionate and visionary leaders can invoke intense curiosity in the entrepreneurial talents through meaningful activities that challenge them to learn cooperatively, share ideas and insights, and to think without mental boxes.

Today’s dynamic marketplace realities of permanent turbulent change demand entrepreneurs and organizations to respond with agility by drawing on the imagination and brainpower of their talents, encouraging innovation and improvisation rapidly for the marketplace to reward them for their initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurship has become so fascinating to the younger millennial generation entering the workforce even as huge corporations dominate work life more and more, and as economic horizons appear dimmer for each successive generation. As uncertainty and volatility play havoc to naive expectations of stability and safety, the idea of the solitary tenacious entrepreneur has a hopeful message that life is not a cage but a promise.

Entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons from the success and failure of startups and mature organisations before they embark on the often irrational and illogical journey of business ventures expecting easy rewards but instead would encounter mostly risks, perils, pitfalls and failures, repeatedly. Experience teaches that the entrepreneurial journey quickly becomes its own reward long before profitability and sustainable positive corporate earnings.

You can take the following 6 Steps towards the road of wonderfully awesome entrepreneurship so as to better grasp its promises of hope and eventual success.

1) Beyond 2 Choices

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